"Increase Efficiency and Maximize Your Bottom Line"

VirtueCom makes it possible to have affordable 24/7 access and support from a full team of highly trained technology professionals. We can provide you with the assurance that your technology infrastructure is secure, allowing you to focus on the primary operations of your business.

Data Center and Backup Services

Our outsourced IT services include, but are not limited to:

Professional IT & CIO/CTO Consulting

Our professional consultants assess your IT environment and suggest the technologies, products, and solutions that streamline your operations. With a team of professionals on the forefront of business technologies, we help you to build long-term technology road maps that tackle the hurdles your business may be facing.

Click here for more information on how a CIO Consultant can empower your business.

IT Expense Consulting

Have our top-notch IT expense consultants evaluate your current business technology expenses and help you co-develop strategies that can dramatically lower your IT expenses and your bottom line. Our technology and service partners are hand-picked by our professional technology consultants as having the most proven and cost-effective products and services. We work together to reduce your costs and provide you with Enterprise Class technologies, at a small business price.

Project Management & Implementation Services and Support

Let our expert project managers help you research, procure, and manage your technology projects. Whether your business is growing or downsizing, we can provide you with the appropriate consulting services, help desk, and end user support. We offer network, server, and infrastructure administration as well as project management and implementation.

Server Virtualization

Using Industry Standard Virtualization practices, we help to reduce your overhead and capital expenditures by consolidating your existing server environment. Not only does this reduce your basic operating costs, but it improves productivity, reduces support and maintenance costs, and gives you more room to expand in your existing environment.

Desktop Virtualization

Our Virtual Desktop strategies enable your employees to work from any location with an internet connection, greatly increasing accessibility to the resources and applications your company needs.  This technology is the future of cloud computing. Virtual Desktops use a combination of technologies and services to deliver huge cost savings (sometimes up to 85% on your entire business technology infrastructure). Virtual Desktops deliver true anywhere anytime access to your data and applications.

Workstation Integration, Upgrades & Repairs

Is your business challenged by how to integrate office and home workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones? Our tech wizards will repair, upgrade, and optimize your end user environment for it to run quickly and smoothly. Don’t let the most critical interface for your users become the bottleneck of their performance. Empower your staff to have the access to what they need, when they need it, with the speed and performance that they want.

Technology Procurement – Purchasing & Support

We are experts at helping you select the right product for your needs for the right price.  We help you with one-stop shopping, pre-sales support with vendors, purchasing the product, and delivery tracking.  We can help your business assess and determine the right technology for your office, including Printers, eFax, Videoconferencing, and Ergonomic questions.  

Our Partners

We provide products from industry-leading manufacturers and developers whose adherence to standards, high quality, dependability, and excellent service make them our customer’s standards.  Although VirtueCom can provide virtually thousands of products, we choose to only  sell and support those that will serve you well. We develop strong relationships with our manufacturers and distributors to ensure the best possible pricing, availability, and support.